We are independent, we operate as a network and maintain long-term relations with our customers.

About us

About us

We are independent, we operate as a network and maintain long-term relations with our customers.

Heike Scholten, M.A.

CEO and Founder

Heike Scholten is a social, political and communications scientist and strategy consultant.

After stints with agencies, companies and at university level, she managed numerous voting campaigns for economiesuisse, the umbrella organization of the Swiss economy, as Deputy Head of Communications. In 2010 Heike Scholten set up her own company. Since then she has been advising and supporting companies, associations, foundations and authorities in analysis, strategy and communications. Heike Scholten is a speaker and author. She is co-founder of Gentinetta*Scholten, today Sensor Advice, co-founder of BERTA Kommunikation, and initiator of Sensor Research, a start-up specializing in citizen and stakeholder dialogues and discourse analysis.

Sara Käch


Sara Käch is a graduate PR consultant and partner at Sensor Advice.

She is a seasoned communications and public affairs professional with many years of experience in agencies, companies and associations. Her core tasks have included formulating and implementing communications and stakeholder programmes as well as managing voting campaigns. She subsequently moved to an international group, first as Head of Corporate Communications and then Director EU Communications. In recent years she has been a member of the management board of a major trade association, with responsibility for industry communications and media relations.

Dr. Fabienne Tissot

Head of Analyses

Fabienne Tissot is a linguist and is in charge of analyses at Sensor Advice.

She has many years of university experience in research, research organization and the teaching of applied linguistics. Over recent years she has worked on applying her know-how in the scientific analysis of language such that it creates a viable basis for knowledge-based communications management. She has studied in Zurich, Potsdam and Wuppertal and also lectures at various universities.

Isabel Knobel, M.A.

Project Manager

Isabel Knobel is a political scientist specializing in international relations.

She studied in Zurich, Maastricht, Geneva and Berlin. From her previous positions, she brings with her experience in journalism, political campaigning, the representation of European interests in Switzerland and the Federal Government’s equal opportunities policy. At Sensor Advice, Isabel Knobel applies her strengths in conceptualization and implementation, inter alia, to projects in the subject areas of health, digitalization, globalization and Europe.

Corinne Keller, M.A.

Project Manager

Corinne Keller is a political scientist and project manager at Sensor Advice.

She studied International Relations and Governance in St. Gallen and Helsinki, with a focus on political advocacy. From her previous positions, she brings experience in cantonal location promotion, in internal marketing and communications as well as in issue management for a major trade association. Corinne Keller supports Sensor Advice with her expertise in analysis, communications and public affairs.

Laura Angst, B.A.

Junior Project Manager

Laura Angst is a political scientist and junior project manager at Sensor Advice.

She studied political science as well as journalism and communications in Zurich, focussing on policy analysis. From previous positions she brings experience in journalism and editorial work, in political online communication as well as in public relations. At Sensor Advice, Laura Angst brings her strengths to bear in strategic communication and public affairs work, among others, in the fields of energy and health.



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